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Our Nursery operates on the US market, more than 7 years.

Our kittens live in more than 30 states of the USA. About our cattery, we have videos were shot by our clients, we have a large archive of photos and videos of our happy pets in a new family, as well as letters with grateful responses from our clients. Please visit our Instagram and our Alumni section, as well as our YouTube channel.

We have 3 different breeds of kittens, (Cornish Rex, Russian Blue, Scottish Fold / Straight, which are created for the family, our purebred kittens do not have the aggression gene.

We support our kitten breeds with rare fur and eye colors. Our kittens are brought up for a family with children or for single people, so that each family has a beloved friend with whom you can talk, whom you can caress and pick up without any problems. All our kittens have a sweet character, because they have pure bloodof their breed. Our kittens do not communicate with sick animals, they live in separate rooms with their mothers, have a lot of toys and cat trees, and also have a lot of love from our hearts, we do everything for the healthy development of a kitten for you …

We work with kittens 24 hours, every day.